Sunday, 2 April 2017


Expensive vs Affordable #1

These looks are not intended to be exactly the same. They have the same concept at different price tags, but i think both look cute.

Let the battle begin!

Expensive outfit (left):

Sea White Off-Shoulder Shirt - £200 approx.
Alberto Biani Striped Peg Trousers - £270 £135 here
Yves Saint Laurent Denim Espadrilles - £300 here
Fil├╣ Hats Cordoba wheat-straw hat - £335 here
Gucci Sylvie Embroidered Bag - £2790 approx.

Affordable outfit (right):

Ariel Striped Off Shoulder Ruffle Crop Top - £55.01 here
Topshop Tapered Peg Trousers - £39 here
New Look White Floral Embroidered Mules - £22.99 here
Tonwhar Shell Shape Straw Tote Handbag - £11.99 here

What i really want to know is...
Which one you like the most?

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