Monday, 21 May 2018

Colourful Eye Makeup for Spring!

Hi, guys! I just posted a new video. It's a Colourful Eye Makeup Tutorial for Spring, kind of a barbie doll makeup, unicorn/mermaid inspired, for dark skin girls.

Check the video below:

Video and Music by KekyMedia


Products used:

Primer: Arbonne Makeup Primer here
Foundation: Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid (colour 68 Golden Caramel) here
Concealers: Kiko Full Coverage Concealer (colour 07)here; LA Girl Pro Conceal (colour Fawn) here
Face Powder: Laura Mercier  Translucent Powder Medium Dark
Eyebrow Pencil: Arbonne Shape It Up Brow Pencil (Dark) here
Eyebrow Gel: Arbonne Shape It Up Tinted Brow Cream (Medium/Dark) here
Contour: SUNkissed Giant Bronzer Dark Matt Finish here
Blush: Sleek Blush by 3 Palette (Sugar 364) here
Highlighters: Arbonne Glow On Bronzer here

Primer: Arbonne Prime & Proper Eye Makeup Primer here
Eyeshadows: 120 Eyeshadow Palette (A or #1) here; MAC Powder Blush (Sketch) here
Mascara: Arbonne It’s A Long Story here

Lip Liner: Arbonne Lip Liner (Fuchsia) here
Lipstick: H&M Limited Edition (Pink Fool) sold out

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Shopping Spring 2018 Trends - Pastels

Pink Double Breasted Blazer - £69.99 Zara here

Mauve Blouse With Button Detail - £15.99 Zara here

T-shirt with contrasting collar - £9.99 Bershka here

Pleated skirt - £39.99 H&M here

Izumi bandage cage skirt ans shorties - £45 House of CB here

Green faux pearl tie waist shorts - £32 River Island here

Kemi Kimono Linen Edition - £109 The Kemist here

Double-layer jumpsuit - £59.99 Mango here

Aqua Candy Trousers Set - £79 The Kemist here

Striped Off-the-shoulder Dress - 39.99 Zara here

Linen dress with ruffled sleeves - £25.99 Bershka here

Charna Mint Cut Out Bandage Dress - £45 House of CB here

Pink knot front bardot maxi dress - £60 River Island here

One-shoulder dress - £34.99 H&M here

Two Tone Striped Design Tote Bag - £7.99 SheIn here

Belt Bag with Ring Detail - £19.99 Zara here

Primark Trainers - £12 Primark

Green croc block heel sling back court shoes - £45 River Island here

High heel mule sandals - £25.99 Bershka here

Blue smooth double ring belt - £14 River Island here

Statement pastel earrings - £15 Asos here

Sunday, 13 May 2018

Portugal Fashion Haul & Style Tips

Hi, guys i just posted a new video on my youtube channel "TrendybyTyana2". I will show what i brought from Portugal  and give some spring style tips. I bought some clothes (t-shirts, shirts, blouses, skirts and trousers), shoes (boots and flats) and accessories (earrings).


New Yorker (Dolce Vita Tejo)
Zara (Dolce Vita Tejo and Colombo)
Mango (Colombo)
Mango Outlet (Strada Outlet)
Primark (Dolce Vita Tejo)
 Sfera (Dolce Vita Tejo)


Music and Video by KekyMedia


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Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Met Gala 2018 - My Best Dressed Choices

Met Gala 2018 Theme: “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination”

Cardi B (Moschino)

Rihanna (Maison Margiela by John Galliano)

Jennifer Lopez (Balmain)

Bella Hadid (Chrome Hearts Official)

Katy Perry (Versace)

Jasmine Sanders (H&M)

Kendall Jenner (Off-White)

Kate Bosworth (Oscar de la Renta)

Sarah Jessica Parker (Dolce & Gabbana and Jennifer Fisher)

Friday, 4 May 2018

Arbonne Makeup - First Impressions

Hi, guys! If are following me on Instagram (trendybytyanablogs), you probably noticed that i'm now part of Arbonne's family. I was introduced to this amazing company by a friend who replaced her Estée Lauder products by Arbonne.

Arbonne is a swiss company that provides pure, safe and beneficial products, which also happen to be vegan. You can find a range of skincare, bath & body, makeup, nutrition and hair care on my Arbonne Website here
If you want to become an Arbonne Independant Consultant to earn some extra cash, please let me know. This business is currently available on these following countries: USA, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Poland, Australia and Taiwan.

Really Important Disclaimer: I'm not sponsored by Arbonne. Arbonne is my own business and i will receive a commission for your purchases. I joined this company  because i was genuinely impressed by the high quality of the products. I will always give my honest opinion and i will always talk about products i personally tried myself. 

Today i will share with you my first impressions of Arbonne Makeup, because makeup excited me the most. Of course i will do a more detailed review of each product in the future. These are my genuine first impressions. 

Face Primer "Makeup Primer" here: Let's start with primer. Just in case you don't know i am almost 32 years old. I already have some fine lines and my oily skin is quite textured. I was already familiar with the foundation i wore over this primer (later i will explain why) and i think this face primer performed really well on my skin. It made my foundation application smoother, it helped my foundation to last longer. My pores were less visible and it worked pretty well on my mature and oily skin. I use this product on these photos.

CC Cream " Arbonne Intelligence CC Cream" hereI don't own myself this Complexion Control Cream yet, but i had the opportunity to try it. It has a lightweight coverage that basically looks like skin. I want to purchase this item for my everyday makeup routine. Even i don't wear makeup everyday, it's nice to have a product to rely on for a quick makeup look. The colour i tried was "Dark #7798" and it suited me well. I have a dark completion and i have a lot of warm toned, cool toned and neutral toned foundations that suit me, so it's pretty difficult to tell you my actual skin colour, unless you see me in person.

Foundation "Perfect Liquid Foundation SPF 15" here: I tried the texture but unfortunately the colour "Toffee Bronze" didn't match my skin tone. It was too light for me. I should have checked the shade before in the website i normally use. The website can give you a little help to know your colour, but only for guidance:

Step 1: Arbonne
Step 2: Perfecting Liquid Foundation with Spf
Step 3: (The colour you think it's yours)
And Press "Find my matches anyway"

In the future, i will do my own foundation shade chart to help you to find your colour. I need to have all the foundation shades first or the sample card in order to make a comparison.

I could return the foundation and replace with another colour, but it's nice to have on my kit for demonstration. 
I enjoyed the formulation (i tried for a while on my face) with some shade adjusting drops, but still the colour didn't work for me. I had to use another foundation for this makeup look.

I will purchase "Deep Bronze" next time. "Espresso" looks too dark for me.

Concealer "The Real Conceal Liquid Concealer" here: I also chose the wrong concealer colour. I usually wear 2 different concealers at once: a cream concealer that matches my skin tone for that extra coverage and a two shades lighter liquid concealer over it to prevent the previous one to look cakey and to highlight some strategic areas of my face. 
I was hoping the Arbonne liquid concealer to give me high coverage, so i could only wear one concealer instead, but i must try the right colour do to a proper review. This one was slightly too light (about 3 shades lighter than my skin tone).
I am wearing the concealer on these photos. I used it as a nude lipstick and i topped with a lip gloss to achieve this look. If your concealer has a pink/red undertone, it works perfectly as a nude lipstick, even if it is a little light.
If your concealer is too dark, i mean darker than your actual skin tone, you can wear it as a contour shade.

Face Powder "Setting Pretty Translucent Loose Powder Broad Spectrum SPF 15" here: I had to wear another face powder, because the colour wasn't right for me. It's probably translucent on lighter skin tones. I don't own the "Mattifying Powder", but i tried it and it looks more translucent on my skin tone than this one. No worries, i will put it to good use somehow.

Anyway, if you are a woman of colour, i recommend you to try a setting powder with some colour instead. I think i will go for the "Got You Covered Mineral Powder Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 15". You can use it over the liquid foundation or cc cream, but you can also use it as the foundation itself. Just make sure you apply the concealer first.

Did you know that dermatologists not only recommend you to apply sunscreen, but also to reapply it through the day? So if you love makeup like me, make sure you have a face powder with SPF in order to reapply your sun protection without ruining your makeup masterpiece.

Bronzer "Glow On Bronzer" hereIt actually works as a highlighter on my skin tone (please see the picture above). It's a really nice highlighter for women of colour. It has a nice shine (not that chunky glitter some other highlighters seem to have), it has nice pigmentation and it blends really well. It's also buildable, because can achieve a soft discrete glow with a light hand, and also a "shine bright like a diamond" look. It can be also used as an eyeshadow.

So what can i use as bronzer on my skin tone? The eyeshadow "Canyon" is perfect for me. I'm wearing it as my crease colour. There's a good selection of brown eyeshadows that you can also wear as bronzer (the warmer tones) or as a contour (the cooler/neutral tones). Just make sure you choose according to your skin tone. You shouldn't go for colours that are more than 2 shades darker than your skin tone, if you are going for the natural look.

Blush here: I got the colour "Berry". It's really true to colour on the website picture and catalogue. It looks a little bit pink while i am holding it on my hand, but you can see on my face a more red berry tone with a hint of gold. It can be also used as eyeshadow.
I absolutely love this blush! The pigmentation is really good and it blends nicely. It's buildable, as you can go for a natural look with a light hand (i mean as natural as it can be on a person dark enough to not blush naturally), as you can also achieve a more editorial look.
I want to purchase more colours, "Merlot" and "Taffeta".

Eyeshadow Primer "Prime & Proper Eye Makeup Primer" here: I almost never start an eye makeup look without a primer, even if the eyeshadows already perform well. It helps with the duration (specially if you have oily eyelids) and the pigmentation as well (the colour intensity). This eyeshadow primer in particular dries matte, so you don't have to worry to set it before applying the eyeshadows.

Eyeshadows "It’s All in the Eyes" here: The eyeshadows have a good pigmentation and they are easy to blend. The catalogue is more true to colour than the website. For now i chose only 4 colours. I got my classic eye look staples: a matte warm brown eyeshadow i used as crease colour "Canyon" (also good as a bronzer); a matte black eyeshadow i used in the outer corner "Onyx" (i am not sure if it's a dark grey or a black); a gold eyeshadow "Amber" as the main colour on my eyelid; and a trendy colour for this spring/summer season, a lavender called "Aurora" (i will probably use it on my next makeup tutorial on youtube). This last one has a shimmer finish.

Eye Pencil "It’s A Fine Line Pencil Eye Liner - Carbon" hereI tried to apply on my outer corner and smoke it out and it didn't work because i wasn't using it right (That's why one of my outer corners looks heavier). Its own purpose is to be used as a liner. You can use it on your lash line or waterline. It won't smudge and it will stay on.
I chose a black, but there are more colours available. It also comes with a sharpener. 

Eyeliner "It’s A Fine Line Liquid Eye Liner" Eclipse here: I bought the eyeliner after i took the pictures. I got the black, but it's available in brown too, "Arbor". It's really nice and easy to use. You can easily draw a sharp cat-eye. It delivers the precision of a pen, but it has the pigmentation of a liquid eyeliner. It dries matte. After it dries, it stays on, so you don't have to worry about it.

 Mascara "It’s A Long Story" here: This mascara has the right name. It makes your lashes longer. I can tell the mascara effect just by looking at the wand shape. This one will help you to grab and coat every single lash with no clumping. I wouldn't say that improves volume, but it makes a difference on the length. It basically does what it says really well.

Eyebrow Pencil "Shape It Brow" hereMy eyebrows are naturally full, so i usually use minimum amount of brow products because i don't want them to look bigger. I only choose to enhance them at special events. I bought the colour "Dark".
For the purpose of this first impressions' post, i also tried for the first time ever a Tinted Brow Cream. This will definitely help those ladies who want to have brows that stand out. I bought the colour "Dark". I love the product, but i don't see myself wearing it often because, as i said, my eyebrows are already full (please don't hate me).

Lip Products: 
In these photos, i topped my concealer with the Lip Gloss "Glossed Over Lip" Cosmos to achieve that glossy shine. By itself, the product not only give shine, but it has also good colour pigmentation. I would say the colour is the Pantone Rouge Red (Pantone is actually a worldwide known company for its colour system).
I tried some Lip Liners too. the colours i chose were Fuchsia (the name is self explanatory) and Pomegranate (it looks like a true red on my skin tone). I will wear these Lip Liners to line my lips, as matte lipsticks, or as eyeliner (Fuchsia will look great as eyeliner).
I bought some Lipsticks as weIl. They have a satin-glossy formula and they are long wearing, nourishing and hydrating. I chose the colours Camelia and Hibiscus. Although i miss some matte lipsticks, which aren't provided, i still love these ones. I will definitely try more colours and i will do a video to show them
I'm here speaking about the colours and the finish of these lip products.  Just let me take some pictures with my phone real quick:

(with flash)

(without flash)

And the last but not the least, Eye Makeup Remover  "Easy on the Eyes" here: It doesn't irritate the skin, so it's suitable for the eye delicate area. It effortlessly wipes away the eye makeup, even mascara and eyeliner.

In general, i really enjoyed this makeup products. There's no a single one i dislike, only a few that doesn't suit me colour wise. When i get the right shades, i will do a proper review of those products.

If you like this post, please don't forget to share.
If you want to buy some products, go to my website:
If you want to become an Arbonne Independent Consultant, please send me a message (here or on my instagram page trendybytyanablogs).

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